Start Walking The Path of Imperfection

Podcast Episodes

Ep. 30: ADHD and Me

Everybody has stuff. Join me as I share the beauty and beast of some of my stuff... ​it's about to get real!!

Ep. 29: Agreements Instead of Expectations

Join me as I discuss the differences of expectations and agreements and as we identify why a space where agreements are and expectations can connect you better than almost anything.

Ep. 28: The Power of I Am

In this episode, we talk about the power of the statement "I Am" and the surprising truth of that power.

Ep. 26: Our Creating DNA

Creating is in our DNA.  It is in the very fibers of our being. ​Join me as we explore the power we each hold to create.

Ep. 25: Time-the Great Equalizer

Let's get real with time, yours in particular...and figure out how to make time work for you instead of against you. ​ Dave Crenshaw's Book 'The Power of Having Fun' ​Rachel Hollis' Rant About Time

Ep. 24:  Zipping the Lippy

We get real with an awesome parenting technique that may just surprise you with how successful it is in stopping the back talk while remaining cool as a cucumber. ​No duct tape required!

Ep. 22: Babies in the River

In this episode we focus less on symptoms and more on causes. Tune in as we talk about Babies in the River.

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