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BONUS EPISODE: Not Your Cookie Cutter Self-Care

Nope. I’m not going to tell you to take a bath, get your hair done or treat yourself to a massage (although all of those sound awesome!!). This bonus episode is about some not so conventional ways to give yourself some TLC.

Ep. 37: Opinion Landmines

We've all heard it. Opinions are like feet. Everyone had them and they all… walk us down the path we need to walk down to FINALLY be who others want us to be? Nope. Opinions are like feet. Everyone has them and they all STINK. Unless we ask for the opinion. Listen in...

Ep. 34: The Un Reframe

Join me as we talk about the un’s that work against us and the un’s that work for us.

Ep. 33: Brain Power

Let’s unpack the power of your brain and discuss how to strive for wholehearted living to squash the scarcity mindset.

Ep. 32: Camo Potty Talk

Uncover the potty talk that is so hidden you may not even realize it is part of your everyday vocabulary.

Ep. 31: Firehoses and Lawnmowers

Gone are the days of Drill Sergeant and Helicopter mamas and papas. Now are the days of Firehose and Lawnmower parents. Explore these new styles of parenting with me.

Ep. 30: ADHD and Me

Everybody has stuff. Join me as I share the beauty and beast of some of my stuff... ​it's about to get real!!

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