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Ep. 42: Permission Slips (PS)

So many times we tell ourselves we can't or shouldn't. We tell ourselves that permission is an excuse or not ok. Let’s explore what permission is and what it isn’t and venture into what permission slips you need to write.

Bonus Episode: Pause on Content

Do you have content from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, podcasts, blogs leaking out of your ears? Maybe it’s time to hit the pause button. Hit the play button on this bonus episode first though!

Ep. 41: Blasting Off the Shame Glitter

Shame can't be rinsed off or even washed, it's got to be blasted to high heaven!! Again and again and again. Join me as we talk about ways to blast off the shame glitter once it sticks to you.

Ep. 40: The Phase Matchup

Sometimes we get so caught up in the phase others are in that we miss the chance to be 100% present in the phase we’re in. Let’s talk about the Phase Matchup and how it can help get you out of a shame spiral.

Ep. 39: Raising Problem Solvers

In this episode, we go through the step by step process on how you can guide others to solve the problems they create and strengthen your relationship while doing it.

Ep. 38: Choosing Your State

Duck for cover, ladies and gentlemen. Minds may be blown in this episode as we explore the feelings we can’t choose and the states of mind or states of being that we can.

BONUS EPISODE: Not Your Cookie Cutter Self-Care

Nope. I’m not going to tell you to take a bath, get your hair done or treat yourself to a massage (although all of those sound awesome!!). This bonus episode is about some not so conventional ways to give yourself some TLC.

Ep. 37: Opinion Landmines

We've all heard it. Opinions are like feet. Everyone had them and they all… walk us down the path we need to walk down to FINALLY be who others want us to be? Nope. Opinions are like feet. Everyone has them and they all STINK. Unless we ask for the opinion. Listen in...

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