Dot to Dot Project

It’s time. You know it, I know it. It’s time for you to create, inspire and to show up. It’s time for you to take your body, heart, mind and soul to next level amazing. It’s time to invest in your best version of yourself and it’s time that you figure out what is holding you back from being who you know you are and always have been.

The 4 Dots

The Body

this is your human in all of its glory

The Mind

this is your thoughts, the good,
the bad, the ugly

The Heart

this is all the feels and all the
things you hold close

The Soul

this is your Spirit, all of your sacreds

The Monthly Subscription includes:

1 Monthly Deep Dive Seminar to Introduce the Month’s dot
Interactive weekly Live Coaching Session where you get a chance to unstick your stuck and/or listen to others get unstuck.
Unlimited access to content recorded from the current month and all previous months within the calendar year.

Online Live Q&A’s

Access to Family Council Video and Agenda.
Access to 2019 Summer Survival Bootcamp Video.

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